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Parish Pastoral Plan

Pastoral plan documents


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Objective 1 - Prayer, Sacraments & The Eucharist Ministries/Activities included: • Liturgical Ministries, Children’s Liturgy, Music, Prayer programs, Rosary, Sacrament preparation, vocations team 3-5 year goals: • Focus on the Eucharist, through Real Presence catechesis, expanding Confession & Adoration times, catechizing Mass reverence, and minister training/formation • Encourage individual prayer by engaging more people in prayer activities (Rosary, Stations, after-Mass prayer, etc.) • Develop at least one vocation from St. Francis of Assisi

Objective 2 - Total Stewardship Ministries/Activities included: • Bulletin/Info Board, DDF, Finance Council, Money counters, Newsletter, Photography, Stewardship Council 3-5 year goals: • Capital Campaign and Building Expansion/Renovation • Align Total Stewardship activities (Hospitality, Prayer, Formation, Service) with the Parish Pastoral Plan • 2023-2024 Focus on the Eucharistic Revival • 2024-> Education and Growth of Total Stewardship for existing and new parishioners

Objective 3- Youth Ministries/Activities included: • Children’s Faith Formation/PSR,Youth/Social Ministry 3-5 year goals: • Space for education • Expand youth programs • Community connection • Involvement of youth in service activities

Objective 4 - Community Outreach/Service Ministries/Activities included: • Adopt-a-Street, Ave Maria Rosary Guild, Card ministry, Outreach committee, Knights of Columbus/Ladies’ Auxiliary, Least of These, Loving Stitches, Ministers of Care, Website/Facebook, Prayer Network 3-5 year goals: • Live the mission of being a giving parish, and be of service to others • Do more with and for the local community – share the true spirit of St. Francis and create visibility for our Parish • Get youth more active in service since they are wonderful ambassadors • Highlight activities at St. Francis of Assisi through internet and social media

Objective 5 - Welcoming Parishioners Ministries/Activities included: • Church cleaning, Maintenance, Liturgical Environment, Medical team, Mentoring/St. Francis friends, Saturday Social, Welcoming Team 3-5 year goals: • Create a welcoming physical presentation of our facilities as well as the direct person to person contact with those who enter our doors • Establish new groups – Saturday Social and Medical Team • Restart welcoming/mentoring ministry for new parishioners • Restart welcoming/mentoring ministry for new parishioners

Objective 6 - Evangelizing / “Finding” New Parishioners Ministries/Activities included: Adult Faith Formation, book study, Hospitality team, Parish events team, RCIA 3-5 year goals: Triple the participation in Adult/Small Group formation efforts (~25 to 75-100) Grow to larger RCIA team and target 10-15 catechumens/candidates per year Engage all age groups, young families, teens, and seniors in Hospitality & Events Connect Parish events into the Nixa and surrounding communities Help needed: Prayerfully discern your participation in Formation activities and Small Groups Take initiative to invite people to “come and see” Get involved in Hospitality or Parish Event teams (especially Reception/Dinner coordinator) More inputs/ideas from Adults and High Schoolers on activities

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