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What does being a good steward of your time, talent, treasure and faith mean to you? How do you share your God-given gifts with your parish community? Why is it important to you? Find out the answers to these questions directly from our parishioners in their Stories of Stewardship. It's time to Get Involved!


Kelly and I have always seen stewardship as a paramount function of our church life. I was raised in the Catholic Church and found stewardship roles in my early adult years. Our faith journey began together as Kelly went through RCIA with me by her side.


As our faith grew together, as a married couple, we began to more thoroughly assess how we could become a greater part of our faith community. Since then, we have both become increasingly involved in serving our faith.



As parents, we strongly believe in modeling our faith as active members of our faith community. We believe it’s important to involve our entire family in serving our church. Our goal is to instill a sense of responsibility for stewardship within our boys at an early age. It’s important for them to see how we all can share our God given gifts with our church family. We both serve as readers, liturgical ministers, PSR teacher aides, children's liturgy of the word and as a family we are gift bearers and ushers.

Good stewardship means serving those around us and engaging in activities within the church. Each of us needs to look within our selves to see where God is calling us to serve. We all have a tendency to get into a rhythm in life that becomes comfortable, which for some, may cause a staleness in faith. God calls us to break away from what we have always known and reach out to serve and help others in new ways. This can break the cycle of complacency and open the door to growth. We challenge all to pray about finding additional ways to better serve the parish community.

- Joe & Kelly Schmitz

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